Downsizing Tips

Downsizing can be a stressful process! Here are some tips to getting through the process and feel good about the outcome.

First and most important tip is …

Give yourself lots of time! Rushing just adds to the stress and then it’s harder to make good choices. Most of us are emotionally attached to our home… leaving it can bring up so many emotions, like sadness and apprehension about the move. Having a plan can make it so much easier.

Seeking support of friends or family or a downsizer if needed, is critical to make this process less stressful. Having a 3rd party that is detached and knows the process can make it much easier on everyone. Many people can feel so overwhelmed by the prospect of such a huge change that they don’t know where to start. So help is essential.

4 Steps to help with this process include:

Step #1: Start Early. Give yourself lots of time and have a plan. ASK for help either friends and family or a professional.

Step 2: Minimize your Stuff. Tips for this: take what feels right for you. What items bring you joy and what you need. If there is something that you are really attached to but you won’t have room for, take a picture of it and even have it framed. You will have the memory but not the space it takes up. This is also good for collectables that you may not have room for.

Places to release items include Varage sale, Used Victoria Consignment stores, Big Brothers, Anney’s closet, Lunds Auction and House Thrift on Forth, just to name a few. Many of these services will come right to your door and pick up for you. This can be done even before you have found a new place and makes the process closer to the move much easier. You may find your mind is also decluttering as you declutter the stuff!!

Step 3: Know your new space in square footage and what will fit. You can even do a drawing and make paper pieces of your items and see what fits. Step 4: Take time to celebrate your accomplishments and time to relax and de-stress. This will make the whole process so much easier.