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Graeme Lawrence, (Co chair)

Chris Burdge (Membership Co-ordinator)

Alexander Dawes

Alexandra Friesen, CPA | Realtor

Alexandra is a trusted Realtor with RE/MAX Camosun.
Before moving into the industry, she founded and managed a virtual CFO accounting firm. The company grew rapidly resulting in her bringing on a team of seven dedicated employees to help make it a success. She is now using the extensive and diverse skill set gained running her own company in the accounting world to the real estate industry.

Alexandra's ambition and focus is to help other people realize their own dreams of becoming homeowners or real estate investors. Whether it's their first purchase or their tenth, she will spend the time it takes to help her clients make well thought out, smart, strategic real estate decisions that they are also comfortable with.
Alexandra combines her knowledge of real estate, gut instinct and accounting expertise to enable her to do more than help people buy and sell properties. She knows the ins and outs of cashflow generating strategies and long-term financial planning, and in today's very challenging real estate market, this knowledge is invaluable to a seller or a buyer.

Reach out here:

Website: alexandrarealestate.ca

Graeme Lawrence


Graeme Lawrence, Professional Life Coach
Graeme is a Life Coach and Mountain Bike Instructor. He partners with individuals who feel stuck and want more out of life, career, and relationships. Blocks, fears, negative self-talk and other paralyzing thoughts are often what's in the way of creating a fulfilling life. By getting curious about what's in the way, setting intentions with powerful declarations, and creating self-designed projects, we can move barriers to the side and design the life you truly want to live. Graeme keeps you in the driver's seat as the expert in your own life.

Graeme Lawrence, Professional Life Coach
Adventure, Lifestyle, Wellness Coaching

Chris Burdge, BWEST Interactive Social Media, Marketing & Web Design

Social Media Camp is Canada’s largest social media conference taking place annually in beautiful Victoria, BC. What makes us unique is the broad spectrum of delegates we attract as we tackle all aspects of social media. People come from all over North America, and from all sectors of the economy – small business, large business, government, education, and non-profit. Of course we cover social media marketing – communications, sales, crowdsourcing, e-learning, digital marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, inbound marketing, and more. We are a conference for experts, and a conference for beginners. If you are newer to social media, our renowned, complimentary coaching program will help kick start your Social Media Camp experience.
Email: Email Chris

Carmel Ecker, Speak Now Communications

As a copywriter and graphic designer, I help businesses stand out visually, ensuring printed and digital materials attract their ideal client. With 14 years of experience at a busy design house and community newspaper, I specialize in advertising, brochures/rack cards and publication design (including magazines, books, newsletters and annual reports).
Phone: 250.661.1269
Email: Email Carmel

Mary Lumerding
Kitchen Times

Mary Lummerding, Chef -
What’s for dinner?

As a Personal Chef and Cooking Coach, I help home-based busy Entrepreneurs and Professionals to make healthful, easy meals to break the cycle of take out and delivery. With planning, practise and some lively music, cooking can be very easy and fun.
Cooking is a valuable skill. It gives you relaxing time away from your business. Cooking can help your brain to be healthy because you are organizing, sequencing, calculating, estimating, etc, etc!
Set your place at the table, turn on some music or a podcast, and enjoy the meal that you prepared for your Self.
I also encourage parents to cook with their children to increase their independence and confidence in taking care of them selves and contribute to taking care of the household.
Let’s work together so you achieve your goal to cook for yourself:
• for improving your health,
• for social reasons (invite family and friends),
• or to achieve a money saving goal.
Gardening suggestions can also be included!
Contact me or visit my website or social sites for more inspiration.

Contact information:
Email: email address
Website: kitchentimes.org
Joyce Ingram

Joyce Ingram – World Financial Group

Understanding all aspects of money; debt, savings, investments, and retirement is the foundation to managing and generating wealth. Most haven’t had a basic financial education or know the importance of insurance and protecting your income.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones financially from unseen and unplanned events is vital. Not having to worry about unanticipated consequences allows you to live life without the stress of the ‘what-if’s’ of life.

As a parent, not only have I protected myself and my family, but I’ve also been able to help my kids secure their insurability and get them set up for future financial security in a way that I never knew was possible.

I’m on a mission now to help families navigate and build their financial roadmap.
I work with you and your objectives to provide strategies for; money for university, purchasing a home, weddings, travel, or retirement. Having a plan takes away the stress and ‘unknowns’ providing you ‘peace of mind’ with money.

I take a holistic, non-judgemental approach to help you navigate your financial future.
Whether it’s getting out of debt, tax strategies, insurance or understanding your financial independence number for retirement, we’ll work collaboratively to design a plan and vision for your goals in life so you can make smarter financial decisions.

You can reach Joyce Ingram at:

By Email

Website: joyceingram.com

Terri Hitchcock
Terri Hitchcock, TMG -
Terri Hitchcock Mortgages
Victoria BC based mortgage team specializing in helping first time home buyers and busy families looking to purchase or refinance.
Website: terrihitchcock.com
Email Terri
Facebook: Terri on Facebook
Instagram: Terri on Instagram


A. Alex Cook
Independent Insurance Advisor
Group Health, Life Insurance &
Living Benefits Specialist

My background is in Sales and Marketing having held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing, VP Sales and CEO. I am a local, born and raised in Victoria, have a 24 yr old daughter and a home in Royal Oak. I am an active individual, sometimes to a fault, and enjoy most activities that include an element of adventure.

What I truly enjoy about the insurance business is the personal and business relationships I build with my clients and the peace of mind I get knowing that I provide solutions that can change lives for the better, at a time when people need it the most. That’s powerful, more often than not clients become longtime friends.

My approach when working with prospects and clients is to begin with a review of their current plans, assess changes in the business, if any, and offer solutions that are tailor made for the client, one that fits their budget.

Phone: 250 514-4994
Website: www.acookfinancial.com
FB https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100094283324763
Insta https://www.instagram.com/island.born_island.life/
Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/acookfinancial/
Electric Parasol

Michelle Guillet

Michelle Guillet
Electric Parasol Business Solutions Inc.
Services: Virtual Executive Assistance
Creative Admin Management
Project Management
Individual Services

Welcome to Electric Parasol, where we blend the art of creativity with the precision of administrative and project management. Our holistic services support overwhelmed professionals, offering everything from individualized assistance to team collaborations. With expertise in creative administrative management, virtual executive assistance, and customized project management, we're here to integrate seamlessly into your business, ensuring your unique needs are met.

Feeling overwhelmed and in need of a collaborative partner to enhance your productivity? Let's connect and design a bespoke solution that respects and elevates your creative endeavours.

Email: hello@electricparasol.ca
Website: electricparasol.ca
IG: electric_parasol_inc