About the Benefits of Business for Business Networks

Please take a moment to read through this introduction carefully after you have visited a meeting.

We look forward to learning from you and sharing business with you.

  • Please check with your local leadership team at your next meeting to confirm any additional monthly payment for room use, breakfast, etc.  (mostly zoom meetings since covid)


You get a profile on the Business for Business website. Please send a picture or logo and a 3-sentence description of what you do for your customers and up to five links to websites and social media. Check out the current list: .

Send your description, image, and links to


Bee Konnected

We have added BeeKonnected to provide you with the additional benefits of a global professional and intentional network of the business owner, leaders and entrepreneurs at a reduced rate. Not only offering access to this network but world-class training, travel credits and a leading webinar.


Some membership reminders:

Member Conduct

Business for Business Networks is a safe environment for members and guests. Respecting guests and members as intelligent, adult, hard-working business owners is part of the Business for Business value system. Negative comments about a member or guest or voiced in front of another member or guest are unacceptable. Concerns about negative comments should be brought to your Membership Director privately. Members failing to act professionally may be asked to leave the group.


Weekly attendance is not mandatory. However, absences of 3 consecutive weeks without explanation trigger a review by the Membership Director. Quarterly attendance below 33% also triggers that review.

Social Sites

Here is the list (for now):


Think of some other way we can grow your business. Let us know.