Why You Should Blog For Your Business

blogging for business

At Business for Business Networks we are huge supporters of business blogging! We encourage our members to send links to their blogs, or if they don’t have one we are happy to post articles on their behalf on the Business for Business Networks website.

Business owners wonder what specifically business blogging is. Business blogging is marketing to get more online visibility (essentially popping up more and more frequently on social media, search engines and driving traffic back to the main website). All the blog needs to be is a piece of short form content related to your business. It is important to realize that this isn’t and will never be a primary revenue source, it is marketing to support growth.

Market visibility results because more website pages mean more chances to be found in search engines. Blogs create website pages but keep them in a neat section of your business’ website so it doesn’t get cluttered, keeping a user friendly experience. Every new blog article is a new opportunity to pop up in a search, and drive traffic back to your business. To help the traffic on your blog turn into leads have a call to action button (“buy now”, “subscribe” etc. links) at the bottom of your blog page.

Good blogs create a sense of authority by answering common questions, and creating helpful content for their target audience. This generates authority and word of mouth as the articles get shared. Good word of mouth is everything! It also creates a sense of trust because people feel as if you’ve helped them before they ever actually bought anything or reached out to you. Blogs never expire, or go away unless you delete them so they can generate leads for years to come (70% of traffic generated is from older posts, not within the month). Blogs are also a great way to test the waters with ideas or campaigns before going whole hog with them.

At Business For Business Networks we believe in the power of business blogging. Whether you are a veteran business blogger, dabbling, or just getting started, we encourage members to submit their articles and grow!

Personal and Business Issues in Coaching

business and personal coaching with Don Goodeve

Working with a client recently, he remarked at the end of a particularly powerful coaching session he was amazed to find how many of his ‘business’ issues were actually personal issues in disguise. I do not think this any accident.

An amazing thing about our minds and the way we are in the world is how we do not compartmentalize nearly as much as we think. We may come in through the door at 5:30pm and ‘leave work behind’, however it is the same being that is now operating in a different environment. Can we really expect who you are ‘at work’ and ‘at home’ (or at the bank, the gym, the doctor’s office) to be so different?


Superficially; at the level of content these can look very different: handling a direct-report regarding a work milestone or your son about cleaning their room. Coding or cooking dinner. Talking to your significant other or planning a business meeting. However how you are being in all of these situations is intimately related. At a fundamental level your mind does not distinguish; how you are here is how you are everywhere.

So whether I am coaching someone to a milestone in building their business or supporting them in creating an action plan for them conquering a fitness goal – the conversation is fundamentally the same. If you are holding back or under-performing in one place, it is likely that the same patterns of thinking and behavior are surfacing in many other situations too.

The great news is taking on those issues in one area and creating a breakthrough is not localized to just that area. Life cannot help it – you create a breakthrough here, you create a breakthrough EVERYWHERE.


So to the core point – how do you know if you are facing a business issue or a personal issue? They are, I assert, ALL PERSONAL. Concentrating on the business at the expense of the personal does not work. Coaching the personal in the context of business does.

So – how does this apply? If you or someone in your organization are getting stuck on business challenges; then working on process without focus on the personal may yield limited results, and the results that come may be unsustainable. Same person, new process – the person implementing the process will leave their indelible imprint on it. Conversely, you shift the person – this imprint will shift. It may have nothing to do with the process. You shift the person, you shift their results everywhere.


If you call forward the creative engaged individual the organization gains by both shifting the immediate issue AND by accessing the fully engaged focus of an empowered human being. The results of that double-shift are both bottom-line and PRICELESS!

It is all about people – coach people and see profound business results…

Fork In The Road: The Right Choice For Your Spine?

spinal health - make a decision


Imagine you are on a road trip, driving along in the middle of nowhere, when all of a sudden you come to a fork in the road.

A sign by the left-hand fork reads: “Frequent bits of rough road ahead, increasing in frequency and difficulty. VERY difficult travel towards the end. Estimated cost of vehicle repairs: $200-$500 for each quick fix, until patching is no longer possible.”

The right fork also has a sign. It reads: “Challenging road at the beginning, followed by occasional minor bits of rough road to the end. Estimated cost of vehicle repairs: $2000-$5000.”

Assuming they both end up in the same place, which fork would you choose?

As a chiropractor, it has been my experience that many people go through the same decision-making process with their choice of spinal care. The easy, little-money-up-front option may be appealing, but is it ultimately the best choice?

The fact is, most back and neck pain is the direct result of years of neglect: disuse, misuse, abuse and no use. To undo these years of damage to the spine requires a lengthy commitment of hard work and, yes, money.  Patients who wait for the pain to go away or choose quick “patch jobs” seldom get lasting relief. Ignoring or patching a spinal problem means the problem remains uncorrected, and these patients discover that as time goes by, their pain gets worse, lasts longer and occurs more frequently. Chronic pain and disability can result.

Which fork in the road is right for you?  Only you can decide.

Choose wisely.


5 Ways Freshbooks Makes Your Life Easier

relax let freshbooks take care of your small business finances

As a small business owner you need to invoice quickly and keep track of your time and expenses efficiently. Some entrepreneurs start with Excel and move to Quickbooks as things get busier. If you’re not an accountant Quickbooks can be complicated and frustrating. All the data entry and balancing are time consuming.

Freshbooks is simple, efficient accounting software developed with the small business owner in mind. It is intuitive with a mobile component and a help desk that actually answers the phone. That’s cause for celebration.


Invoicing is a dream! If your price list has hundreds of items, don’t worry about the data entry. Just send it to Freshbooks and they’ll input the items for you. Yippee! You can invoice in USD when you have American clients. You can set up recurring invoices for regular clients. Use the mobile app to invoice from the coffee shop or from your car after your consultation.  Set up automatic reminders for your unpaid invoices.

Do you need to send out quotes for your business? Freshbooks has “Estimates” and they are easily converted to an invoice once you get the job.

It’s amazing how all these tools get you paid faster.


You can accept credit card payments without the hassle of using separate programs. It’s all in one place and the rates are competitive. Track your payments from your phone and your client receives an email receipt. 


With Freshbooks you enter expenses on your phone as they happen. Leaving a meeting? Get in the car, take a photo of your coffee receipt or your parking receipt and enter it on the spot! Your receipts are all online and accessible to your accountant if you are ever audited. You can also sync most credit card or bank statements with Freshbooks.  Create “recurring expenses” so that your Dropbox, Google, or Freshbooks fees are entered monthly. Problem solved!

Time Tracking

Keep track of your time for billing clients and watch your own business activities. When invoicing comes around Freshbooks can create invoices as detailed or broad as you like. 

Looking for the big picture on where you are spending your time and MONEY in your business? You can create categories of activities and find your time-wasters! If you have a team you can check where they are spending their time.

New Features

Freshbooks’ newest feature is a credit card reader that connects to your account. There is a one-time fee for the tool as it has a chip reader providing added security. The fees are the same as accepting cards online.  Currently this is only available for Iphone 5 and up.

If you just have a cool story of how Freshbooks made your life easier connect with me, I love that kinda thing 😉 


Understanding Commercial Leases

Victoria commercial real estate

Considering a commercial lease to for your business?

Many business owners, landlords and even most residential Realtors are ill-informed about the various types of commercial leases.

The most common confusion in commercial leases surrounds the differences between a Net and Gross Lease.

For simplification, a Gross Lease includes everything in the monthly rent. Everything except the tenant’s utility costs (including hydro, gas, heat, water, cable or a combination of any of these) is included. Any applicable taxes are also an additional cost.

On the other hand a Net Lease, means the tenant pays a base rent for the rentable area plus a proportionate share of other costs.  These may include to property taxes, building insurance, maintenance, management, landscaping & parking lot maintenance and a host of other items.  The various clauses depend upon the type of property and its amenities. Net Leases are commonly referred to as triple net rents.  However triple means three and as you can see often the additional rent or operating costs or CAM (Common Area Maintenance) costs include more than 3 additional charges!

Finally, people are often confused about how the commercial lease is calculated on a monthly basis. It may be confusing, but it isn’t complicated once you see how it works. Simply multiply the rentable area by the stated rental rate per square foot and divide by (12) twelve. i.e. 1,000 square feet X $15.00 PSF (per square foot) divided by 12 = $1,250.00 month.

Commercial leases may be far more complicated than this explanation suggests. It is a good idea to consult a professional to help understand the many possible clauses contained in the document. A long-term commercial lease can contribute to the success, or if done wrong, the failure of a business. Don’t ever sign one without review by a professional who represents your interests.

The Reality of Canadian Mortgages

canadian mortage rules

Qualifying for a Canadian Mortgage in 2016

One of my colleagues wrote a blog last year about the similarities between Beer, Biking and Mortgages.  I found it very entertaining and refreshing as mortgage financing isn’t the most riveting of subjects.

A little humour can be the best medicine in this time of dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. When people think about applying for mortgage financing it often feels like daunting uncharted territory.  The thought process is something like this.  “I loved the house and I want it…..what do I have to do to get it….FAST!??  Will I qualify??  What is my credit like, hmmmm,  I’ve never checked???”  

I find that even when folks have had a mortgage for years, the same feeling resurfaces when they want to make a change….upsizing, downsizing, money for renovations, debt consolidation.  If the last time they purchased or remortgaged was 5 or 10 years ago, the qualification process was a heck of a lot easier.  Our government has been stringent (and thank goodness they have) in tightening our mortgage rules , making sure that consumers who hold mortgages in our great country actually qualify and are able to repay.  That can mean a little more gray hair before reaching the promise land, AKA money in hand.

“What do you mean I don’t qualify because the lenders now calculate a 3% monthly payment on the balance on a line of credit.  They only make me pay interest only?”

“I only have one collection on my credit bureau and my credit score is over 600….which apparently is the minimum score?”  I can’t get best rates???”

There seems to be a fine line between due diligence with our lenders and empathizing with our client regarding the significant changes that we are experiencing.  I’d like to send all of my clients to see “The Big Short” about the subprime mortgage market in the United States which was up for an Academy Award for Best Picture.  It is mind boggling that it is a true story and that the lack of regulation in the United States created corruption to that level and forced  one of the biggest housing collapses in history.  

Mortgage financing even in today’s world can be simplified even in today’s world.  An expert mortgage broker is always happy to help navigate every step.


The Theresa-Belfort Spectrum

piggy bank relationship with money

Armed with an education in finance and financial market experience I could write an article loaded with important concepts. An argument or concept backed by data, trends, and figures could appeal to a certain reader demographic. A few fancy charts could provoke thought about a tactical financial change. A call to action about estate planning might aid the unprepared.

But none of this is what has fascinated me in my time investigating and managing our most secretive relationship.

Money is our most secretive relationship, because it is one of the relationships that we hold most intimately, and deal with most differently on an individual basis. Families exist where finances are regular dinner table talk, and families where spouses are not sure how the math adds up on the other side of the bed.

This is the unique niche in which I, as a financial advisor, operate. We create conversations that do not exist outside of our office, because if we are going to build your dreams, we to need to discuss the dollars and cents.

We need you to show us the vulnerability that no one else may get to see.

When considering our relationship with money it is important to identify the two ends of the motivational spectrum, so we can begin to quantify where we as individuals might lie.  On the one end of the spectrum we have a Mother Theresa, who donated a life time of charitable work for the greater good and asked nothing in return. Next to the diving-board we have the now infamous Wolf of Wall Street,  Jordan Belfort – someone who generates their entire concept of self worth based on net worth. We lie somewhere between these two extremes at any given time in our life, and it is an important internal conversation for each of us to have. The dangers are that a Mother Theresa risks ostracizing herself from the conversation entirely, and a Jordan Belfort has no time to begin the conversation because they believe time is money.

Our place on the Theresa-Belfort spectrum is emotional and established by our childhood. We are placed somewhere along the spectrum on the day we receive our first piggybank (or don’t). We shift up and down the spectrum based on experiences, education, stage of life, and beliefs about money.

Our relationship with money is a massive factor in our subconscious decision-making process. It is something we should try to analyze consciously. I am not going to claim there is a right or an wrong place to be on the spectrum, because we all have a relationship with money that built on different foundations. What I ask is that we analyze our own relationship with money. I ask us to measure this relationship the same way we look at other relationship in our lives.

Hopefully you can find time to consider your relationship with money. Reflect if money is the only reason you are getting out of bed in the morning or keeping you in bed past the 3rd snooze on the alarm. If you want help to explore your own internal conversation, maybe it is time to consider relationship counselling: call up your financial advisor.

Work, Life, Balance???

Work life balance play in business

How come we make these things different? You have probably heard the quote:

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

I think there are many ways to read this. One of them is – ‘I am having no fun – therefore I must be in the wrong job or doing the wrong thing.’

A variation on the theme is that work is ‘Work’ and play is ‘Play’ and the two are clear, distinct and separate. In this model, ‘Work’ carries with it a tinge of ‘suffering’. It is really easy to follow this with all of the reasons why you have to stick doing what you are doing – and so the cycle continues. You get to be right about how it sucks and suffer it. Or is it just me who left to his old habits does this :-).

Now, don’t get me wrong (I am a coach after all – change is the game…) it may well be that a change in career or starting the business you really want is the next thing to do and leave this one behind – however bear with me. My thinking is that ‘Job’ being ‘Work’ in which you are ‘Stuck’ in might have something for you.

Two things I have been reading and listening to have come together in a new way for me. The first is from Tara Brach (whose podcasts I thoroughly recommend – http://www.tarabrach.com) where in a recent talk she drew a distinction between ‘aversive judgment’ and ‘wise discernment’.  The other comes from Michael Singer and his bestsellerThe Untethered Soul. In a nutshell – events happen – and they become problems where we resist them – and the resistance is all our stuff. To put it another way – no resistance; no problems. Easily said – right?

Taking these distinctions into the ‘job’ that is ‘work’ – from ‘aversive judgment’ it may there to just be struggled through and survived – that you cannot be with it, or your co-workers, or your customers, or the daily grind, or all four… Your buttons get pushed – your stuff – your resistance. From here there is no space or freedom – it is a trap, a cage that you survive to keep the paychecks rolling in. After that you really need downtime and rest so you can just continue doing it. Is this ‘work life balance?’. Now let me be clear – it is not your fault that the job shows up for you like it does (nor anyone elses’) – it is just that is how it shows up for you. Period.

From a place that you can take responsibility for your stuff, the job becomes a place where you can see your stuff playing out. Things happen – you get triggered. And from there once you see it, you actually get to choose how it goes. Are you going to have your stuff dominate how the experience goes? Or are you going to see it as just your stuff and work with it? This is where resistance comes into focus.

Resisting life is hard work. Life is an infinite stream that keeps flowing no matter what we do. Resisting is trying to hold back a tide that is infinitely and forever coming in. We tend to resist it where our stuff gets triggered (we all have stuff – even the Buddha had stuff…) and we try to somehow manage it to make it better. What if it was just okay that our stuff got triggered? It is just stuff after all – stuff we made up, beliefs about how it ‘should’ go and what is the ‘right’ way for things to work out.

From aversive judgment – we make the job, the boss, the client, the circumstances wrong – we blame and get messy. And we are busy resisting it which takes even more energy. No wonder we suffer the experience!

The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.” – Edward Gibbon

From discerning wisdom – we see that we get triggered – and we experience the wind and the waves. From there we have choice. How do we want to be with this experience? We can go down the reactive route or stay elevated where there is choice. From this perspective there is still the possibility this may not be the job of your dreams– where all of you gets to be put at service of your greatest and most heart-felt contribution to the world. Or maybe from elevation it is clear that it IS and you need support to get from your current experience to a more satisfying and empowering one.

So what about work and play? My invitation is to look at where you resist life and create work. If you take away the resistance, all there is left is play, and you get to never work another day in your life… Easily said right? Perhaps time to have a conversation with a Coach (just sayin’).

How about giving up the unwinnable fight for work-life balance and create a life of play instead?

Owning Your Results – Owning Your Success

Someone Else’s Problem

I have had many conversations as Coach that surprised me – one of them was with the CEO of a small company regarding a business issue they were experiencing. When challenged, their flat claim that there was nothing they could do about it. They did not like it when I reflected back to them that it was a really interesting thing for the leader of an organization to state.

None of us are immune from not owning our results.

I think most of us have had the experience of working inside an organization and blaming it for how things go. I know I have. ‘The management did not understand what we were trying to do, did not provide the resources needed to make it happen’ etcetera.

Seen from another angle, I was not creating the results that I wanted or said I was committed to. A natural human response is frustration and anger. In an organization we can allow ourselves to be ‘right’ and victim to the organization by blaming the organization for how things have gone.

They ‘own’ how we have performed is the story.

Now Who’s Responsible?

Transplant yourself into the position of entrepreneur – especially solo entrepreneur. Now what do you do when things do not go the way you want them to? When you do not create the results you are committed to? Where do you put that frustration and anger? Unless you get creative with the outside world so you can blame it, a typical way for things to go is to blame yourself.

Getting caught in this trap saps enthusiasm, energy, joy and drives up whatever strategies we have developed through our lives to feel better about ourselves. Often this shows up as ‘must work harder!’ and before you know it your dream of freedom through having your own enterprise is turning into a nightmare of catching up, not taking breaks or holidays, living from some variation of – ‘this will only work if I work more!’. So much for the freedom of the entrepreneur!

The Ownership Plan

Here is a 5 step plan to keep you out of reaction and in the inspired action that will actually create the results you want:

  1. Get your thoughts and feelings about how things have gone out of your body and your mind! Get a clean sheet of paper and fill it with all the anger, frustration, blame, nastiness that you can muster to get all of the emotion expressed. Just let it flow until there is nothing left. No one is ever going to see this paper except you. Give yourself full permission to vent it all.
  2. Consider that not generating a desired result is just that – not generating a desired result. What were you playing for? What did you generate? What is the gap? Get clear on just the facts. Note: If someone apart from you cannot measure it, it is not a fact.
  3. Take a 5 minute break to just relax, breathe and be.
  4.  Now, considering the result(s) you want to create – what is next? What are the next actions you can take that will move you towards the results that you want?
  5. Take the next action.

And – take a dose of Vitamin S: GET SUPPORT!!!!

Having someone or a group to share your experience with is really important. Someone to help normalize the experience (we have all missed creating what we intended at some point – if not a lot of points!), help you get clear on what is next and help you get ‘outside of your box’. Someone who is going to come to your pity party might be fun for a while, but if all you do is end up agreeing whose fault it is that things have gone as they have gone – you will just stay where you are.

Someone who is willing to reflect how great you are and support you in keeping going no matter what will make all the difference!

And if you really want to accelerate your results – working with a Coach can be magical!

Getting Past ‘Fault’

Not creating the results you want is ‘not your fault’ (or indeed anyones fault; like ‘success’ or ‘failure’, ‘fault’ is just another story…) – it is simply not creating the results you want. Allow your feelings and humanity. Write it out – put on loud music and dance that stuff out of your system – go beat up a pillow – whatever works for you. Refrain from blaming yourself, others, the weather etc… (which puts the cause for your results outside of yourself). Determine what is next and do that and get supported!

This is all part of ownership. What you own you have power over. Your results and the life that you want are, believe me, something you really want to own!

In my next post I will be talking about work and play, and how us creating them as separate things holds us back from having a truly delicious life.