Network Mastery Contest

Network Mastery Game

At Business for Business we believe that building networks and networking are not the same thing. Networking has become an empty activity; running around in circles handing out business cards hoping for a connection.

Building networks is establishing long-term relationships with others for the mutual exchange of value.

The core network-building activity is the round-table conversation that is at the heart of every Business for Business Networks meeting. We also encourage our members to use other tools, many of them online to extend those networks.

To promote greater engagement in this we have created the Network Mastery Contest.

  1. There are 17 Network Building Activities (these may change over time).
  2. There are 5 levels.
  3. There is a monthly draw for prizes. Reach a new level to be entered. Any member who has reached level 5 is entered each month.
  4. You don’t have to do the activities in order, but it is YOUR responsibility to inform us as you complete each activity so we can give you credit and recognize your mastery!
  5. To participate, members must register their progress on the Network Dojo channel on our Slack network.
If you are a member, go to Slack and join the Network Dojo channel. If you are not a member, contact us for an invitation to a Local Network Group near you!

Network Ninja Levels

Business for business networks mastery level