Low Town

Low Town (Victoria, British Columbia)

Meeting Location: 2001F Douglas Street, Victoria BC in Studio Robazzo.

Meeting Date and Time: Thursdays at 8:00 AM

Would you like to visit Business for Business Networks Low Town? Contact one of the leadership team, Alexandra Dawes, Tinka Robev or Michael Watkins.

Michelle Aubrey, Michelle Aubrey Coaching & Consulting

Website: michelleaubrey.com
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Michael Corbett-Hallett, Sun Life Financial

Website: sunlife.ca
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Alexandra Dawes, Virtual CFO Solutions

Virtual CFO Solutions is a CPA firm focused on fractional financial services for startups and tech companies. Our expertise lies in helping growing businesses in the online space, whether it’s software, digital services, or e-commerce. As a young, growing business that we are, we understand what you’re going through. We have the experience and the tools to help you stay in control of your finances, improve cashflow, and keep business owners happy. As your Chief Financial Officer or CFO for short, we handle everything from bookkeeping and payroll up to forecasting and strategic planning. The “Virtual” part means we can pretty much do it anywhere!
Website: virtualcfo.ca
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LinkedIn: Virtual CFO LinkedIn Profile
Instagram: Virtual CFO Solutions on Instagram

Alex Nagel & Ryan Day, ANCORD Design Co

ANCORD is an industrial design firm specializing in sustainable product design and 3D rendering with 25+ years of experience; from action sports equipment, medical devices, electronics and transportation to apparel, packaging, furniture, retail displays and environments. We work with brands that care how their products are made, helping navigate the ins and outs of the product design process, with intelligent solutions to big problems. Balancing the creative with the practical (and coffee on tap), we take our cues from you—for a sustainable product design that’s got your name written all over it.
We'd love to hear from you—let's chat:
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Website: ancorddesign.co
Google: ANCORD Design on Google
LinkedIn: ANCORD Design on LinkedIn
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Facebook: ANCORD Design on Facebook
Twitter: ANCORD Design on Twitter
Behance: ANCORD Design on Behance
Core77: ANCORD Design on Core77

Prashan De Mel, Vancouver Island Osteopathy

This therapy is a holistic (whole body) approach to health care. Osteopathic Practitioners do not simply concentrate on treating the problem area, but use manual techniques to balance all the systems of the body, to provide overall good health and well being. Osteopathic Practitioners aim to find the root cause of your symptoms and address them in a gentle, manual (hands on) way. Vancouver Island Osteopathy can work with you to help you maximize your health and movement capacity.
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Website: viosteopathy.ca

Tara Grdic, Tara Grdic Sales/Marketing/Event Coordination

Tara Grdic, Sales/Marketing. Event Coordination. Adventure.
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Suzanne Heron, Blue Heron Arts

Blue Heron Arts. At Blue Heron Arts we offer a wide range of Art projects and services to connect you and your clients to the places you both love. Suzanne Heron produces her own work of southern Vancouver Island, and partners with artists in other areas, to create calendars, cards and prints that resonate deeply as images of home. Please select from the menu above the category that best matches your needs to find out how we can help you create deeper, lasting connections through art.
Website: blueheronart.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/BlueHeronArtEnterprises
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Teri Hitchcock, The Mortgage Group Canada Inc.

Website: terrihitchcock.com
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Maria Leupelt, Sunlight Interiors Ltd.

Interior Design is about adapting spaces, and making the users more comfortable and healthy in a residential situation. It is about making spaces more efficient and profitable in retail, corporate or other commercial projects. The beauty of the interiors is also a factor, and we find inspiration in the owners/users of the spaces, and in Nature. We work within the client's budget, and provide services as small as a consultation, and as large as required by the client. We have done work in Retail Malls, Corporate Offices, Government, and some of the most beautiful homes in Victoria. We aim to serve our clients to their total satisfaction, and keep long term relationships.
Website: sunlightinteriors.com/
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Sarah Michaelwood, Sitka Law Group

I am a solicitor with Sitka Law Group. I assist clients in navigating the legal system within real estate transactions, enable development companies to build projects, help families plan for their futures and work with small businesses to conduct legal matters. I help to educate and protect my clients, and love the client relationships I am developing along the way.
Address: 202 – 3750 Shelbourne Street
Phone: 778-265-2677
Email: Email Sarah
Website: sitkalaw.ca

Stefanie Miska, Ritual Medicine

Stefanie Miska is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Registered Acupuncturist and Herbalist practicing in Victoria, British Columbia. She runs Focus Health Clinic and her practice is focused on reproductive health and perinatal support.
Website: ritual-medicine.com
Clinic Website: ritual-medicine.com
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Instagram:Stefanie on Instagram
Clinic Instagram: Clinic on Instagram

Clemens Rettich

Senior Manager, Business Consulting, Grant Thornton LLP

Clemens’ job is to help you see the real potential in your business, and connect the marketing, sales, financial, operational, human resources, and management to achieve that potential. Clemens has an MBA in Executive Management, with 20 years of experience in education, management, and small business. He has supported and run small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and community development programs and has provided support to more than 350 businesses across North America. Clemens believes the key to growth is a powerful network of people, and understanding that business growth is guided by rules like a science or art-form. Plans matter, but networks and knowledge matter more.
Website: Grant Thornton Canada LLP
Facebook: facebook.com/clemensrettich
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Saman Rezapour

Saman is a freelance commercial photographer and videographer who specializes in outdoor and lifestyle content. He found his love of photography through his many travels and his love for adventure. Through his work, he captures the essence and the story of a moment, conveying the emotions and the atmosphere experienced at the time. His goal is to help businesses and brands tell their stories and forge a more genuine and deeper relationship with their audience, by creating visuals that enhance their message and content that compels action.

Over the last several years Saman has collaborated with local and international brands, bringing their ideas to life and doing so in a unique and creative way. Don't hesitate to reach out via the details below.
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Website: samanrezapour.com
Instagram: Saman on Instagram
Facebook: Saman on Facebook
Twitter: Saman on Twitter
Linkedin: Saman on LinkedIn

Tinka (Christina) Robev

Tinka is a multi-talented creative entrepreneur and co-founder of Studio Robazzo & Puzzle Lab.
At Robazzo, a multidisciplinary design agency, she leads a team of graphic and web designers to create high-quality branding, digital, and print design packages for a diverse range of clients. Studio Robazzo’s past clients include Pacific Rim College, Victoria Film Festival, Victoria Fashion Week, TED, VIFF, and Thinklandia.
Puzzle Lab, a pandemic-induced overnight-success offshoot of the Robazzo brand, offers high quality wooden jigsaw puzzles, featuring Canadian artwork and algorithmically-generated piece shapes, fabricated in the heart of Victoria. Puzzle Lab also offers custom and corporate puzzles, which are a beautiful and unique way to show your clients or colleagues that you're thinking about them!
Puzzle Lab website: puzzle-lab.com
Instagram: Puzzle Lab on Instagram
Studio Robazzo website: robazzo.com
Instagram: Studio Robazzo on Instagram
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Saira Waters B.SC ECON, Personal Real Estate Corporation

Born and raised in Victoria, I offer extensive knowledge of the capital region and love to show newcomers what a beautiful city we live in. I'm energetic, tech savvy, honest and compassionate. I enjoy working with all types of people and give excellent customer service.
Website: modernrev.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ModernRealEstateVictoria
LinkdIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sairawaters
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Micheal Watkins, CIBC

Mike Watkins started in the financial services industry as a banker back in 1997. He quickly shifted his focus to wealth management, eventually publishing his Financial Planning guide “It’s Only Money” and writing a bi-weekly column for the Times Colonist called “Dollars and Sense”. Mike works with a wide range of clients in Victoria, and across Canada, helping them to become confident that their personal financial future is secure. When not in the office, Mike is focused on his wife and family. And he enjoys reading and kickboxing (but not necessarily at the same time).
Website: scotiamcleod.com
LinkdIn: www.linkedin.com/michaelwatkinsscotiamcleod
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