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Alexander Dawes - CPA
Real Estate Advisor
I am a trusted Real Estate Advisor with Engel & Volkers Vancouver Island. Before moving into this industry, I founded and managed a virtual CFO accounting firm. The company grew rapidly resulting in me bringing on a team of seven dedicated employees to help me make it a success. I am now using the extensive and diverse skill set I gained running my own company in the accounting world, to the real estate industry.
My ambition and focus are to help other people realize their own dreams of becoming homeowners or real estate investors. Whether it's their first purchase or their tenth, I will spend the time it takes to help my clients make well thought out, smart, strategic real estate decisions that they are also comfortable with. I combine my knowledge of real estate, my gut instinct and accounting expertise to enable me to do more than help people buy and sell properties. I know the ins and outs of cash flow generating strategies and long-term financial planning, and in today's very challenging real estate market, this knowledge is invaluable to a seller or a buyer.

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Website alexandradawes.evrealestate.com

Westshore Victoria, BC

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