What are the best cloud-based accounting apps?

There are many types of businesses, including newly incorporated start-ups or small to medium-sized businesses looking to move to the cloud. No matter what type or size of business, there is a clear tech stack we recommend any business consider as part of their digital transformation, and continued improvement in the area of financial management.


Xero is the only cloud-based accounting software we use, and it is by far the easiest to use by both accountants and business owners while providing valuable information to both parties.

Here are some of the highlights of using Xero:

  • Xero can be used anywhere, as long as you have Wi-Fi available. This means you can check out your live data whenever and wherever.
  • Xero can integrate with hundreds of different cloud-based apps. I’ll be listing out a couple of them but there are many more available that can provide added value depending on your business goals.
  • Xero connects to your bank and credit card accounts and will automatically upload your transactions through an API connection. This means you are saving roughly 50% of manual data entry and getting the information on a daily basis (instead of monthly or annually).
  • The support for Xero is efficient and useful and can be accessed by accountants or business owners. 


Hubdoc is a cloud-based receipt management app that integrates with Xero and provides a quick and easy way to capture your documentation and support for the business.

Our top reasons for choosing Hubdoc:

  • Hubdoc allows you to download an app on your phone and take a picture of your receipt anytime and anywhere. You no longer have an excuse for losing that receipt!
  • For the many recurring subscription services out there, Hubdoc allows you to hook up your account information directly so that receipts upload automatically.
  • In addition to subscriptions, you can connect your bank account which will pull monthly bank and credit card statements all in one spot. 


Plooto is a payment processing system that can collect and make payments on behalf of the business by connecting your bank account(s) online.

Here are a few key features of Plooto:

  • You can add a Controller or CFO to the app to make payments on your behalf without giving them direct bank access. An approval process can be set up so that you are always approving and staying involved when needed.
  • Plooto can integrate directly with Xero, meaning it will pull bills and invoices to the app, so you don’t have to go back and forth. Once this bill/invoice is paid, it will automatically mark this paid in Xero.
  • Plooto allows businesses to make payments directly to CRA for GST, payroll, and corporate taxes. These can also be set up on a recurring basis, so you don’t have to initiate it each time.


Wagepoint is the main payroll provider we use for clients. For salary and hourly employees, it is easy to use and does everything from payroll processing to preparing T4s at year-end.

A few great qualities of Wagepoint:

  • The app integrates with Xero, so all payroll bills push through, and no manual journal entries are necessary. Speaking from an accountant’s point of view, this can save a lot of time!
  • The technical support for Wagepoint is great and their response time is quick.
  • Wagepoint allows you to set “autorun” for pay periods. This means you never have to worry about forgetting to pay your employees – it will automatically run each time.
  • They deal with all the remittances to CRA, so you never have to worry about missing a monthly or quarterly remittance payment.

 And just like that, the top cloud-based apps that will get your business up and running or will simply create that efficiency and scalability your business is looking for. This tech stack is what we will always recommend for any business or start-up looking for solutions. We’ve provided a high-level overview of each app above but there is obviously a lot more to learn!