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Members: Low Town (Victoria, British Columbia)

Meeting Location: 2001F Douglas Street, Victoria BC in Studio Robazzo.

Meeting Date and Time: Thursdays at 8:00 AM

Would you like to visit Business for Business Networks Low Town? Contact one of the leadership team, Suzanne Heron or Clemens Rettich.

Daria Bunting, I Dare-Ya Designs

I Dare-Ya Designs. We offer Interior Design and Home Staging Services here on Vancouver Island. We style homes to stay and stage home to sell. Design an area with Daria… I meet with my clients to understand their style, needs and likes. I believe a perfect design for a client needs to be a reflection of them. It is your home – I am there to help guide you to a perfect design!
Website: idare-yadesigns.ca
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Chris Capson, Capson Electric

Chris Capson founded Capson Electric after years of working in the industry but the roots of the company and his relationship with the electrical trade run deep in the Capson family. Capson Electric stands for fairness, honesty and excellence in everything we do, whether it's a small scale job or a large commercial contract, we treat them all with the same level of professional expertise and courtesy.
Googleplus: plus.google.com
Website: capsonelectric.ca

JP Celiz, Island Savings A Division Of First West Credit Union

Island Savings, a division of First West Credit Union, is based in British Columbia. Since 1951, Island Savings has served communities on Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands.
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Tara Grdic, Tara Grdic Sales/Marketing/Event Coordination

Tara Grdic, Sales/Marketing. Event Coordination. Adventure.
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Suzanne Heron, Blue Heron Arts

Blue Heron Arts. At Blue Heron Arts we offer a wide range of Art projects and services to connect you and your clients to the places you both love. Suzanne Heron produces her own work of southern Vancouver Island, and partners with artists in other areas, to create calendars, cards and prints that resonate deeply as images of home. Please select from the menu above the category that best matches your needs to find out how we can help you create deeper, lasting connections through art.
Website: blueheronart.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/BlueHeronArtEnterprises
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Sarah Higgins, Mikko Skin Co

The skin is our largest organ. It is connected to our intestines, and our lungs. It is a living, breathing membrane that is in constant communication with its internal and external environments. We believe that our skin deserves fresh food. By using fewer ingredients, and including suppliers on our labelling, we hope to generate public curiosity around the ingredients we are ingesting through our skin. Ingredients matter. We chose each ingredient to serve a purpose to the skin. There are no toxic ingredients. We chose glass containers because they are also non-toxic, and will not leech toxic chemicals into the product. We are here to shift the way we look at skincare, and offer a fresh product without preservatives and harmful toxic ingredients. Miiko Skin Co is committed to providing you with safer skincare, naturally.
Website: www.miikoskinco.com
Facebook: facebook.com/miikoskinco

Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers is known throughout the home care community as the best in providing long term care to seniors and those who require any of our services in Victoria. Our mission is to provide the best care to our residents and give them the best possible living situation possible at home so that they can like safely and happy. Our Comfort Keepers, who are the special people who deliver on our unique brand of long term care, are carefully selected, screened and trained to provide professional, compassionate care. We do this to ensure that your loved one has a qualified companion to give them the best care possible that they deserve and need. They are qualified to not only assist in typical long term care tasks, but bring specialized knowledge as well to deliver top rated care.
Website: victoria.comfortkeepers.ca
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Suzanne Mandy, Freshii

Website: freshii.com
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Gary Moore, The Edge Sharpening Company

The Edge Sharpening Company. At the Edge we offer high-value industrial sharpening services to businesses and consumers who realize the importance of sharp tools in all trades, and want to extend the useful life of their blades, knives, bits, inserts, and more.
Website: edgesharpening.ca
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Clemens Rettich, Great Performances Group

Where other people talk about creativity, and “thinking outside the box”, Clemens Rettich has lived outside the box his whole life. Clemens’ job is to help you see the real potential in your business, and connect the marketing, sales, financial, operational, human resources, and management to achieve that potential. Clemens has an MBA in Executive Management, with 20 years of experience in education, management, and small business. He has supported and run small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and community development programs and has provided support to more than 350 businesses across North America. Clemens’ strength as a business advisor lies in his layers of experience (from musician, to high school principal, to business owner) and education (from a music degree, to communications and education, to an MBA). He makes connections others don’t. He see patterns and trends and possibilities. Clemens believes the key to growth is a powerful network of people, and understanding that business growth is guided by rules like a science or art-form. Plans matter, but networks and knowledge matter more.
Website: greatperformancesgroup.com
Facebook: facebook.com/clemensrettich
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Barbara Risto, Inspired Senior Living Magazine

Inspired Senior Living magazine focuses on the lifestyles of people over the age of 55 who are living life to the fullest. We are interrupting the negative narrative about aging by profiling people who inspire us with their energetic actions and kick-ass attitudes. As the fastest growing, largest and wealthiest consumer group in Canada, the 55+ demographic is of high significance to businesses. Inspired provides a targeted, affordable way for organizations to reach this preferred consumer. Inspired is distributed throughout BC with concentrated focus on the Vancouver and Vancouver Island markets, reaching 150,000+ readers monthly. Inspired hosts two annual 55+ Lifestyle Shows (Vancouver and Victoria).
Website: seniorlivingmag.com
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Christina Robev, Studio Robazzo

Studio Robazzo is a multidisciplinary design studio offering state-of-the-art design services at a variety of scales, from graphic design, web design and app design to product design, interior design and installation art. Each project in Robazzo's diverse portfolio represents a unique solution to a client's particular problem, and often employs a wide variety of processes, both analog and digital. With a foundation in architecture and a specialization in algorithmic design and digital fabrication, Studio Robazzo's pieces are showstoppers. Past clients include Pacific Rim College, Victoria Film Festival, Victoria Fashion Week, TEDx Victoria and Thinklandia.
Pinterest: pinterest.com/studiorobazzo
Etsy: etsy.com/ca/shop/studiorobazzo
Facebook: facebook.com/studiorobazzoo
Instagram: instagram.com/studiorobazzo
Website: robazzo.com
Klout: klout.com/studiorobazzo
Twitter: twitter.com/studiorobazzo
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Kyle Rooney, Modern Purair

Website: modernpurair.com
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Ali Ruddy, Financial Security Advisor

I am passionate about about my relationships, maintaining connections, helping others and determining their needs to help them achieve their goals. With this in mind, I am happy to be able to offer assistance as a Financial Securities Advisor. As an independent advisor, I can go to the top insurance companies in Canada and compare not only rates but the quality of insurance. I pride myself in having access to the best companies and the best products that suit your needs, so you never pay more than you need to. Regarding investments, segregated funds are a great way to invest your money with security. Essentially they are a mutual fund only offered by an insurance company and come with a list of benefits and guarantees that you don't get with other investment products.
Linkedin: linkedin.com/aligruddy/
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Ly Siu, Ly Siu Consulting

Ly has more than 20 years of Benefits and Human Resources experience in both the private and public sector, having worked on all sides of the benefits world. She has experience working in an insurance company, third party administrator and various large Human Resources department managing all their benefits. I can assist you and your small and medium-sized businesses with a customized and cost-effective benefit plan that gives you the greatest value, while meeting your organizational goals and budgets. My most important objective is to save you TIME and MONEY – so you can focus on managing your business operations.
Website: LySiuConsulting.com
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Saira Waters B.SC ECON, Personal Real Estate Corporation

Born and raised in Victoria, I offer extensive knowledge of the capital region and love to show newcomers what a beautiful city we live in. I'm energetic, tech savvy, honest and compassionate. I enjoy working with all types of people and give excellent customer service.
Website: modernrev.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ModernRealEstateVictoria
LinkdIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sairawaters
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Micheal Watkins, ScotiaMcleod

Website: scotiamcleod.com
LinkdIn: www.linkedin.com/michaelwatkinsscotiamcleod
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Kristen Yarker, Kristen Yarker MSc, RD

Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD brings the JOY of healthy eating to adults and picky kids. And, powers us to LOVE our bodies. A registered dietitian, Kristen has 20+ years of experience in nutrition helping find the sweet spot where eating is healthy for your body without giving up enjoying food’s pleasure. Because food is love.
Website: kristenyarker.com
Instagram: Instagram
Twitter: twitter.com/KristenYarker
Facebook: facebook.com/KristenYarkerNutrition
Pinterest: pinterest.com/KristenYarker

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