Royal Oak

Members: Royal Oak (Victoria, British Columbia)

Meeting Location: Craigdarroch Castle, 1050 Joan Crescent, Victoria BC.

Meeting Date and Time: Wednesdays at 8:00 AM

Would you like to visit Business for Business Networks Royal Oak? Contact the leadership team, Don Goodeve.

Derek deGroot Investors Group

Derek DeGroot, Investors Group

Derek specializes in helping families grow and protect their wealth. Proper insurance planning is an essential cornerstone of financial success, and proper execution provides clients with peace of mind.
Brandon Foreman Real Estate Victoria BC

Brandon Foreman, Foreman Properties

"Brandon and Janine weren't even the realtors with which I planned to list, but their connected network, understanding of the market, and impeccable experience were all crucial in not only selling me on going with them, but selling my property as well. They closed the sale within 4 hours of the very first viewing, and also garnered me more money than I had anticipated receiving. The whole process was flawlessly smooth, virtually hands-off for me (they did all the work), and they even coordinated extra services before and after closing which were greatly appreciated considering some of the process was done while I was out of province. I recommend them wholeheartedly." ~ Corey and Nicole
Foreman Properties
755 Humboldt Street Victoria, BC, V8W 1B1
Office: 250-388-5882
Cell: 250-508-3299
Web: Foreman Properties
Facebook: Foreman Properties on Facebook
LinkedIn: Foreman Properties on LinkedIn
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don goodeve

Don Goodeve, Living From Power Coaching

Don Goodeve is an Ontological Life Coach practicing from his home in Brentwood Bay, BC. He works with his clients to get behind the stories that are generating the life they have now, to create and practice a more powerful and empowered relationship with their lives and themselves. The results are making the impossible (just a story!) possible; translated into clients having the lives, businesses and experience they truly want.
Web Living From Power Website
The One - crop

Dr. Michael Lax, Chiropractor

Three decades in practice, Dr. Lax has come to appreciate every human being has the potential to live a healthier life if their spine is cared for properly. He strongly advocates postural and spinal checkups for all children, and lifelong chiropractic care.
Dr. Lax has been awarded ‘Chiropractor of the Year’ by his Victoria peers for his dedication to his profession and commitment to improving the lives of those in our community.
Web Dr. Michael Lax Website
steven lyons photo

Stephen C. Lyons, Stevenson Luchies & Legh

Before entering law, Mr. Lyons worked in software development. Stephen was a senior programmer, analyst, and software architect for leading video game and Internet-based gaming companies, including Relic Entertainment, Alea Software, Radical Entertainment, and Criterion Studios. As a result of his industry experience, Mr. Lyons is well-versed in the distinct needs of the technology sector.

Rachael Paul, Investors Group

Rachael Paul is a Consultant for Investors Group in Victoria, BC. She helps clients build and protect their wealth through comprehensive financial planning.

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